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The Capitol riot condemnations may have prevented the next worse Trump outrage

Recently, I’ve warned that Trump, in his last days, can be dangerous. But the strong condemnation of his mob job across the US political spectrum may have led to more than Trump conceding he must go and promising a peaceful transfer of power. How did the politicians accomplish that?

I believe what did it for this ego-centric clown-president was that many lawmakers said, this is his shameful legacy Trump’ll be remembered for.

Off the Throne

Among Mizrachic Jews especially, it is a household concept to say at misfortune: this instead of something far worse. It can very well be that this swift and sharp denunciation of this culmination of the outrage of the Trump con job has stopped him from toying with the idea to attack Iran in the last days of his presidency. It would have been so ‘nice.’ The Nation would have nationalistically rallied around him as Commander in Chief, and he would have left Biden a total international mess.

But, his swift loss of the House Representatives and Senators last night, finally may have driven home the message that if he really is America’s king, he would be hated for it. The country proudly calls itself a republic (and ‘his’ party too) for a reason. As many lawmakers pointed out after the mob violence, we are a country that serves laws, not people.

Don’t be Naive!

Hope he’ll be a lamb but prepare for if he shows himself a wolf again.

And also after he’s left, the emboldened neo-fascists will not disappear. There is no substitute for staying vigilant. Please note: yesterday’s mess, more than a police failure, was failed intelligence on domestic terrorism.

Some noted that if the mob would have been Black men, they would have been shot by the police. There is something to that. They were mostly treated with kid gloves. On the other hand, more than a few police officers on the scene were Black themselves and we can’t make every proper restraint of police violence suspect. But it does contrast.

In the recent months, Biden and Yang have pleaded for, after the inauguration, spending all energy on rebuilding the country and, as always, not waste time and energy on prosecuting the previous president. There are five mistakes with that:

  1. Trump has been an extraordinary wicked leader. You can’t reciprocate to that with normal measures. Clemency will be taken as a sign that he can do anything he wants. Just like not pushing him out of office because of his ‘perfect phone call’ with his Ukrainian counterpart paved the way for his scandalous phone call with the Georgian Secretary of State.
  2. The best way to protect America and the Republican Party from every having to deal with RINO Trump might be to impeach him still.
  3. Most of Trumps crimes can’t be pardoned anyway. Any pardon is only removing a little of his legal trouble. He should be made to flee the US.
  4. Every day, Trump is still in the office, the US and the world are in danger. He should be removed today, as the Constitution allows for.
  5. It can’t be that the fools who were instigated to riot get prosecuted for trespassing while the big shrewd instigator is let off the hook.

Very vile people on both sides of the aisle …


Meanwhile, the chaos he (once again) instigated should not distract us from 3 great victories that went into the US political books yesterday:

  1. Biden and Harris are confirmed the winners.
  2. Georgia elected a Jew and a Black man to the Senate.
  3. The Democrats now have majority rule in the Senate too.

Ready, Steady, Go!

Unified Democratic government (the White House, House, and Senate) should enable the Biden Administration to do such an excellent job for the People and humankind, that the Democrats should have no trouble to keep their unified government for the coming eight years and beyond.

The Sages teach us that a wise person learns from everyone. Everyone includes villains. Biden can learn from Trump that running for the next election starts on inauguration day. He has two years to show his value for all of the People before the next mid-term election. It’s short day.

Good luck and congratulations.

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