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The Good Vibes Down South

NYPD's finest volunteering for
NYPD's finest volunteering for (credit: Josia Nakash)

If you feel you haven’t really contributed to the war yet, I recommend taking an example from this group of New York City Police Department (NYPD) officers who came to Gilat Junction to volunteer. I wrote about the non-profit Swords of Iron who are feeding over 22K soldiers hamburgers down there every day. By the way, they still need volunteers and donations!

People are coming from all over Israel and the world to pitch in. Being there in person to help make the hamburgers and organize all the other yummy things for the soldiers – coffee & cake – felafel – Israeli “meurav” (mixed meat on the grill) – vegetarian soups – citrus fruit stand …. is such a fulfilling experience.

You can see all my photos here.

I saw some big VIPs down there slicing tomatoes for hours right next to me! I was on the onions 🙂 And since we were near the entrance of the compound every soldier was saying thank you to me on their way out. You can see how this special place means the world to them at the moment.

There were some wonderful women volunteers with me who have been helping out a lot. One was from the South of Israel and the other from Tel Aviv. Really good people, with good hearts. People who understand what’s important in life.

You can feel how so many of the people in the compound – the organizers, the volunteers, and the soldiers too – everyone has the right values. Everyone is doing what they’re doing for the right reasons. So you come away pumped up to do so much more for others.

As the first person I spoke to explained to me – while so many other similar initiatives have run out of fuel and shut down, this group just keeps growing stronger. He said that there is something so special in the air – it’s amazing what they’ve accomplished.

And that “something special in the air” everyone is feeling is GOOD VIBES – this is how we generate positive energy in the world – everyone pitching in good thoughts and intentions from their heart. And doing something with our hands keeps us focused on that goal.

If you want to contribute with a credit card or Paypal – go to their site and scroll down to DONATE at the bottom >>

For larger amounts write to and say your donation is for Association for Swords of Iron War AMUTAH (ID) NUMBER (58-0775658) – then they will send you transfer details. All contributions made by the end of this month will be tax deductible for 2023. See more details here.

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