The Twins Insignia (TC) And The New Home For The (MT) Insignia


The closure of Thomas Cook really shocked me along with their stranded holidaymakers , employees and many other current and past customers as well. The question is who is going to replace Thomas Cook  in the corporate world. That is a difficult question to answer.

But there is a very interesting story behind the Minnesota Twins and those two first two letters (TC) of Thomas Cook.  As far as I can remember, the Twins have worn those two letters proudly on their baseball cap since arriving in Minnesota from Washington DC in 1961.

Looking at the insignias of the other US Major League Baseball teams, most have pictures related to their team name, or the initials indicating where the team is based. Since the first game the Twins played after they moved from Washington DC, was against the Yankees in Yankee stadium, this is a good place to start.

It’s that famous NY insignia that the Yankees wear which has helped the team gain worldwide recognition. Here is a bit of history which you might find interesting about that first game Minnesota played against the Yankees when they became known as the Twins.  And I added in a few more interesting facts that took place that same year, courtesy of Wikipedia.

I remembered that we were allowed to listen to at least part of that first game in our Elementary School as it was broadcast over the school’s loud speaker-

1961 Opening Day

The Twins won their first-ever game, when Pedro Ramos shut out the New York Yankees in Yankee Stadium on April 11, 1961.. In beating the defending American League champs 6–0, Ramos out-dueled New York ace Whitey Ford, allowing just three hits and a walk. Ramos drove in two with a single himself. Bob Allison hit the first home run in Minnesota big-league history with a solo shot off Ford in the seventh inning, and Reno Bertoia followed with another homer, a two-run blast, an inning later off Ralph Terry.

Later On That Same Year

But there was something very strange that took place during that year.  In a home Fourth of July double-header against Chicago, the Twins’ Julio Bécquer hit a pinch hit grand slam home run that was the first of its kind in major league history—each run was credited to a different Chicago pitcher (Billy PierceRuss KemmererFrank Baumann and Warren Hacker). In the second game, Twins slugger Harmon Killebrew hit an inside-the-park home run—the only one he would hit in his 573-homer career.

The TC vs. MT

Myself and my classmates in Elementary School were very curious why the letters appearing on the Twins baseball cap would be TC and not MT. The MT would make more sense since it obviously stood for Minnesota Twins. But one of the official reasons given was as follow-

The name “Twins” was derived from the popular name of the region, the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul). The NBA‘s Minneapolis Lakers had relocated to Los Angeles in 1960 due to poor attendance which was believed to have been caused in part by the reluctance of fans in St. Paul to support the team.[37] Griffith was determined not to alienate fans in either city by naming the team after one city or the other, so his desire was to name the team the “Twin Cities Twins”, [37] however MLB objected. Griffith therefore named the team the Minnesota Twins. However, the team was allowed to keep its original “TC” (for Twin Cities) insignia for its caps. The team’s logo shows two men, one in a Minneapolis Millers uniform and one in a St. Paul Saints uniform, shaking hands across the Mississippi River within an outline of the state of Minnesota. The “TC” remained on the Twins’ caps until 1987, when they adopted new uniforms. By this time, the team felt it was established enough to put an “M” on its cap without having St. Paul fans think it stood for Minneapolis. The “TC” logo was moved to a sleeve on the jerseys, and occasionally appeared as an alternate cap design.[38] Both the “TC” and “Minnie & Paul” logos remain the team’s primary insignia. As of 2010, the “TC” logo has been reinstated on the cap as their logo.

Finally, the Nearly 60 Year Old Mystery Has Been Solved- Where To Place Those Two Letters – MT

It would have been consistent with other MLB teams to have the initials MT appear somewhere on the Twins uniform, but that never took place. Instead, some of their uniforms have the word Twins, while others say Minnesota.

So where would be the perfect solution to allow the letters “MT” to appear?

After giving some thought to this matter, please look at the following story from the Times of Israel Site regarding the lifting of the ban on head coverings in Congress-

Congress passed this bill, so I think I have just the answer, which appears in the following open letter-

* * *

To: Congress And All US Lawmakers

Subject – The Law Allowing For Head Coverings To Be Worn By Lawmakers

It is hereby recommended that an additional clause be added to the law referred to above and reads as follows-

Since it has come to the attention of This Congress, that Congresswoman Omar continues to avoid addressing the major problems of crime, violence and terrorism recruitment in her Minnesota District for which she claims to represent, it is now recommended that she must place the letters “MT” on her head covering for the remainder of time she is in office.

This serves two purposes-

  1. It will remind all members of Congress that she is actually a lawmaker from Minnesota, and does not represent any other Country such as Palestine, to which she often refers to and gives her support.
  2. If she can’t support Minnesota and its people, then maybe she would consider supporting the Minnesota Twins whose initials – MT -do not appear on their head covering but who spend a major portion of their time out of town just like Omar does. The major difference being the Twins continue to represent Minnesota, while Omar does not.

I want to make one final point, but before I do, I want to give some background to what I am about to say-

From the time the Twins began playing baseball I always had a question about why their baseball caps had to have the initials TC instead of MT. I heard many explanations and rejected all of them, with the following exception-

At that time, many of us who were baseball fans thought about another reason that the MT should not be used. And I was confident that this reason made the most sense. The reason is as follows-

Because if you look at the letters at first nothing seems bad about them, but when you pronounce those letters they sound exactly like the word “EMPTY”

I always thought that one day I would find a genuine home for those letters and now we have the perfect person and the perfect reason.  The reason is disclosed in the following breaking news story again from Alpha News at the following link-

In other words, with this official divorce filing, Omar is basically saying that her married life is now going to be “EMPTY, her house will become more “EMPTY” as will many other aspects of her life.

But given her past track record since she took office, it should be obvious to everyone that her claim to represent Minnesota is also “EMPTY’.

So here is a wish that Minnesota’s Fifth District finds a new occupant  sooner than later to fill its seat in Congress, who is capable and loyal to the residents of the district, and until that time comes, that chair in Congress should also remain “EMPTY”.

G’mar Chatima Tova

May You All Have An Easy Yom Kippur Fast

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