There’s Someone For Everyone

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I’m sitting resting on Shabbat, minding my own business, and reading the Favorite Tales of Sholom Aleichem, but then my wife tells me a story circulating in the news that seemed like it could even be one better. At least my exaggerated version of it did as a tall tale in the making.

There is a woman who did not have a lot of luck with men.

The first man she met and married, but after 20 years, the husband comes home one night from the inn, after a few too many drinks, and says that he’s fed up and the marriage is over. The poor woman finds herself alone and distraught in her life.

Some time passes, and the woman thinks that she will never remarry, but sure enough she falls in love with another man and they get married and they are married for 30 years. But lo and behold, the man decides one day that he’s had enough and leaves his wife. She is naturally devastated and feels like a complete schlimazel. Alas, what is she to do?

More time passes, and the woman has almost given up that she will find true love and lasting happiness. However, Hashem has mercy and she finds a wonderful man and they marry; this time for 40 years! And they are still happily married.

I start laughing and say to my wife:  “How old is this lady—108 years old or something?” But thank G-d, He can do anything and can make miracles. There is truly someone for everyone!

Aside from that, something from Shalom Aleichem is rubbing off on me.

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