Why I Joined Plus972

Photo: Assaf Luxembourg
Photo: Assaf Luxembourg

“A crisis is a terrible thing to waste”, as the known saying goes. For me, one of the key turnouts of 2020 with the Corona crisis is joining Plus972 as a partner, and lead the opening of our office in Israel. Why? On top of many other reasons – opportunity, personality and calling.

2020 was… Interesting
2020 started for me with “bigger, better, faster.” My speaking career was rising, my consulting projects got bigger, my pricing went up… I even got to visit South Africa for a speaking tour one week (!) before COVID-19 hit in Israel. And then, mid-March 2020, the pandemic hit, and the market collapsed.

My business was never fully dependent on one line of activity, or one specific market. But I did take a hit. A strong hit. I know, business will come back… Patience. But when it will, I don’t want to simply go back. I want to grow and move forward. I am not here to simply be “Mr. Speaker and Consultant.” I am here to serve my professional community. And sometimes, out of tough situations, emerge opportunities. Opportunities we should embrace. As the known saying goes, “a crisis is a terrible thing to waste”. That’s how my story with Plus972 began.

Plus972 is a NYC based, global, award-winning and exceptional branding and marketing agency, with a strong connection to Israel (hence the name). This agency excels not only in marketing strategy, branding and web services, and not only across various industries around the world, but also in listening to its clients and in generating amazing “wow” experiences, and with an impressive portfolio of clients and case-studies.

When the founder & CEO Reuben Ben Yehuda reached out to me in December 2019 and we started to discuss collaboration, little did we know that one week after we “shook hands” in March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic will strike, and that 6 months later, in September 2020, we will become partners.

Why I joined as a partner
So, why did I decide to join as a partner and lead the formal opening of our Israel office? On top of many other reasons, the 3 most dominant ones are related to opportunity, personality and calling.

There are many great creative talents in Israel. But, I believe there is a local market need for an agency that can truly help bridge cultural gaps between Israel and the world. One that can “think business” rather than just “art.” This was part of the original mission of Plus972. Now, after being active in Israel “below the radar”, they wish to “enter through the main door”, establish an official presence in the local market, and help the right Israeli businesses scale and grow overseas. And promoting Israel through business is part of my career mission.

I once heard the known saying that “who you are running with is no less important than where you are running to.” For me, joining Plus972 is joining a team of not only experienced professional talents, but also honest, decent, amazing and inspiring people I got to know. Essentially, it’s all about trust and integrity. This is what drew me more than anything to work with them, and this is what we try as an agency to project to our clients. And we deliver.

Above all, beyond me and Plus972, there are the people I serve. I believe that “career” is not just a random sequence of jobs, but rather the story of “what we did in our life.” For this reason, I try to define myself as a business-unit not by “what we do, and how”, but rather by “who we serve, and why.” I did not join as a partner merely because I saw an opportunity to bring clients to the agency and help with our expansion to Israel (and Italy). More than that, I saw an opportunity to bring the agency to my clients, and serve them in new ways. Add new value to them. So they could see me in a new light. So I could help them reach their own calling, better, bigger and faster.

What we are looking for in Israel

If you truly believe your business could become a global brand, if you are looking to unleash your potential and grow X5 overseas, if you are looking for trusted strategic partners to help you get there, and if you are looking for experts to help you create a “wow” experience for your clients, talk to us.

About the Author
Assaf is passionate about promoting business in and with Israel, helping and mentoring entrepreneurs, advising young professionals with career planning and self-fulfillment, and more. Assaf acts as a brand ambassador of Israel as 'Start-Up Nation', speaking to thousands of businessmen, investors, entrepreneurs, young professionals, students and others, both in Israel and around the world. Assaf also works as a business development and marketing consultant to Israeli start-ups and others.
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