A New Year of Chase

Here’s a quite different “Rosh Hashana” (Jewish New Year) post.

A very good friend of mine just gave birth, for the first time, after a very long time of trials and treatments, and after many downs and almost-breaking points. As I am sitting down to write her my blessing, I’m not thinking of “Finally, you made it, Mazal Tov.” That doesn’t sound right. I’m thinking more like “Finally, now you can begin. Now, you start.

And this is what this Rosh Hashana post is all about. It’s not just about wishing us all success, but rather to wish us the work to achieve it. It’s not just about wishing us all to reach the destination, but rather to wish us the journey and the path to get there. It’s not about wishing us all fulfillment, but rather to wish us the process of creating it.

In my mind, it all comes down to setting the true and honest goals for yourself. When you want something you don’t really care about, then once you achieve it, it will not mean much to you. This is also why you are less likely to actually shed the blood, sweat and tears needed to get it. However, when you set goals you are truly obsessed with, then, in a strange way – you glorify the way to get there much more than the destination itself.

Maybe that’s why thought leaders such as Gary Vaynerchuk talk about hard work and patience. Maybe that’s why thought leaders such as Simon Sinek talk about being excited rather than nervous.

I know this is why I firmly believe in being mad rather than sad. It’s why I believe that when you find your shared zone, you also find that “challenge worth falling in love with.” You find your purpose. Thus, you will always find the energy and courage to keep on fighting. Keep on climbing the mountain to the top. Keep on chasing the prey. Solving the puzzle. Overcoming the challenge. Put in the work. Hustle. Grind. Think and act like a true business unit. Allow yourself to change according to needs, and reinvent yourself. Grow the patience you need to truly build your reputation. Live by values you cherish and be a giver in your community. Put yourself to standards you believe in and set an example. Make decisions based on the long-term. Discover opportunities in places you do not expect to find them. Overcome fear and grow courage based on realizing the value of time. And many more…

That’s what I wish for all of us, this new Jewish year.

Whether it’s your job, a hobby of yours, a field of interest, something you always wanted to study and devote yourself to – your career is your life’s work. But it’s not just “work.” It’s business. You know, from the word “busy” – what you truly want to “be busy with.” That’s why I firmly believe in slogans such as “make a life, not just a living” (WeWork).

Thus, when you do get to that top of the mountain you’re climbing, you do not say “ah… I made it.” You say “ah… Finally, let’s begin.” And that’s what I wish for all us.

The chase, is better than the catch.

Shana Tova to all of us.


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Assaf is passionate about promoting business in and with Israel, helping and mentoring entrepreneurs, advising young professionals with career planning and self-fulfillment, and more. Assaf acts as a brand ambassador of Israel as 'Start-Up Nation', speaking to thousands of businessmen, investors, entrepreneurs, young professionals, students and others, both in Israel and around the world. Assaf also works as a business development and marketing consultant to Israeli start-ups and others.
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