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Juda Engelmayer is president of HeraldPR, a crisis mitigation and public relations firm. His experience in media, communications, crisis communications, and public affairs are put to work overseeing clients and staff his growing staff. Prior to partnering at HeraldPR, he served as a senior VP at 5W Public Relations for ten years. He also served as the American Jewish Congress’ Chief Communications Officer where he established himself as a key player in building the stature of the nearly 100 year old agency. Beyond that, he was a VP at Rubenstein Associates, a New York based PR firm, where he handled accounts spanning foreign governments, entertainment, non profits, healthcare and medical research clients. Some clients included the Foreign Ministry of Israel, UNIEC, The Global Peace Initiative with Dr. Kilari Anand Paul, Christians United for Israel, Broadway Stages, Hudson International, to name a few. Juda began his career working as an executive assistant to H. Carl McCall, the New York State Comptroller from 1992, when McCall was initially appointed, and through two election cycles, leaving for a public relations career in 2000.
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