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Dear President 46, Please Don’t Get in Israel’s Way

President 46, you told the Persians, “Don’t.” Your message failed. Please read my February 2, 2024 TOI blog, “An American Jew’s Plea to Biden-Blinken: Don’t,” and my January 23, 2024 TOI blog that followed my January 2, 2024 TOI blog in which I begged you and Blinken to butt out. You didn’t. This op-ed is not about me; it is about you and your handlers.

Obama gave Iran billions in cash disguised as unfreezing Iran’s own funds, and he “lost” a US drone to Iran. Obama asked Iran to return that drone. Iran sent Obama a pink toy drone, a message lost on most people. Some say you are fronting 44’s third term. Like 44, you fund Iran. You do not enforce sanctions, you pay Iran for electricity to Iraq, and you doubled oil prices that enrich Iran.

You delayed Israel’s response to Hamas’s genocide. You demanded an immediate ceasefire unconditioned on Hamas releasing hostages. You abstained on a UN resolution that demanded an immediate ceasefire without demanding the release of any hostages. You failed to rescue any of the American hostages Hamas holds. Your statement about yesterday’s attack said nothing about hostages.

You want to resurrect the Iran nuclear deal. Did you know Iran attacked Israel’s Argentina embassy 32 years ago and Iran did nothing after President 45 had Soleimani killed? Why did you put a 5 pm lid on yesterday’s Situation Room meeting, fail to address the American people about Iran’s attack and what it means for America, and then return to the beach? You will not address the American people about this war because you can’t.

Your billions financed Iran’s attack on Israel and allowed Iran to lose whatever 331 armed drones and missiles cost. “According to the Israel Defense Forces, Iran’s attack comprised 170 drones, 30 cruise missiles, and 120 ballistic missiles — 99% of which were intercepted by air defenses.” While Iran claims its attack was a “success,” “President Biden told Israeli Prime Minister that nothing of ‘value’ was hit in Iran’s airborne attack Saturday and asserted American forces will not be participating in any offensive against Iran . . . . The president called Israel’s defense during the attacks a win — telling Netanyahu Israel’s ability to intercept nearly all of the hundreds of missiles and drones showed its military superiority, a US official told CNN.

Do you understand what just happened? Shrapnel or missiles hitting the Nevatim IAF F-35 base just west of Dimona allows Iran to claim it can blow up Israel’s Dimona nuclear facilities at will. Iran media reported that “at least 44 officers were killed [at Nevatim]. Iran launched 7 hypersonic missiles during the attack on Israel, none of them were intercepted.” The propaganda war will continue.

TOI reports that Iran’s attack probed Israel’s defenses: “The Washington-based Institute for the Study of War pointed out that Saturday’s assault mirrored Russian attacks on Ukraine. ‘Russian strikes have attempted to determine the optimal package to penetrate Western air and missile defenses’. . . . ‘Russia has experimented with combinations of ballistic and cruise missiles alongside Iranian drones in Ukraine.’ That insight points the way toward an Israeli response, though the Biden administration is doing all it can to push Jerusalem to deescalate.”

While Israel pledges a significant response to Iran’s attack, Biden wants no military response. Iran is target-rich. Iran needs to delay an Israeli response that will hinder or eliminate Iran’s nuclear program. Iran’s failed attack on Israel with conventional weapons compels Iran to have its proxies continue their terrorism while Iran sprints to complete a nuclear weapon. When Israel responds, Iran says it will respond with even more missiles and drones. Will the next time be with nuclear material in the warheads? Iran will attack Israel at any time no different from Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and the Houthis continuing their unimpeded conventional weapons attacks on Israel and the US “Iran threatens to hit US bases if Washington backs Israeli counterattack.” What else is new?

When and how Israel responds to Iran and prepares for Iran’s next missile attack may not come until after the U.S. election, just like many question whether China will invade Taiwan before November 2024. You will continue your appeasement and prohibit Israel from ending the Iranian regime after its 45 years of life, 1979 – 2024. Maybe President 45 will accomplish that as President 47 no later than during Iran’s 47th year of life.

You have given the world two wars, in Ukraine and in Israel. Both will continue unresolved until you leave office. Glad the US participated successfully in this Iranian attack after you and your Defense Department screwed up Afghanistan, Ukraine, recruitment, and non-response to more than 180 Iranian attacks on America troops and bases. Did you block Israel from preemptively striking Iran when Iran announced it was going to attack Israel? You and Schumer blocked a standalone Israel aid bill. What damage will you and Schumer do in the next seven months? Will you abstain when Iran demands a UN resolution declaring Iran’s drone and missile strikes “justified, legal and concluded,” and any Israeli response “illegal”?

Please tell us if your administration told Israel that Hamas was not going to attack on October 7, or that October 7 was just practice? Israel cannot tell us what your administration said about Hamas, but you can. Silence is an answer. That you delayed and constrained Israel’s response to Hamas, tells me that the blood of the October 7 victims, the dead and wounded IDF soldiers, and the dead and wounded Gazans, is on you, Mr. Biden, as is the blood of those injured in yesterday’s Iran attack. Are you aware that a 10 year-old Bedouin child was seriously injured in Arad, east of Be’er Sheba, south of Jerusalem? Are you aware that Jordan shot down dozens of Persian missiles and drones that violated Jordanian airspace and could easily have fallen in Jordan?

Untold millions of illegals, many single men of military age, from the Middle East, Asia, Africa and elsewhere, invaded the US on your watch. They are here for nothing good. Reports are that there are terrorist cells in the US who came in with the illegal hordes you allowed to invade our country. Are they Iranian proxies? They will on someone’s command, coalesce with BLM and Antifa and unleash Hamas-like atrocities here. I beg you: Don’t protect them, and don’t tell them, “Don’t.”

There comes a time in a country’s life when its very existence is threatened, as Israel’s is now. “Europe died in Auschwitz. We killed six million Jews and replaced them with 20 million Muslims.” Iran’s goal is for Israel to die and to control the land bridge from the Mediterranean to Persia, through Lebanon, Syria and Iraq. Iran cannot be allowed to continue its slow and incremental attacks on Israel and on Americans.

Israel and America must go on offense, just as America did after Pearl Harbor. You won’t. Israel must, starting with finishing off Hamas in Rafah. I use your word, “Don’t” to beg you: Don’t get in Israel’s way

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Stephen I. Siller is a Manhattan-based international lawyer, instrument-rated pilot, open-water scuba diver, and accomplished glassblower. His views are personal and not those of any firm or other organization with which he is affiliated.
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