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Electing any Democrat-POTUS empowers ObamaGate grifters – Part VII – Grenell

Again, before providing additional context to what has occurred in the Flynn case—and why it matters—it’s desirable to again quote from the news-summary c/o “*Ace of Spades*”; the perceptions conveyed continue to be right-on regarding lotsa “hot” issues. {Reminder:  Hyperlinks surrounded by asterisks (*) are amenable to being read in their entirety.}

Yesterday, I lauded the Appellate decision that implemented a concept of which I’d never previously been aware (but for which I filed a brief) analyses [see Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V, and Part VI]; this “Partial Mandamus/Remand” will both force Flynn to be vindicated and empower Judge Sullivan to investigate how the DoJ had manifest prosecutorial misconduct.

Recall that prior essays included generous coverage of views contrary to mine and, thus, follow-up articles are provided c/o RedState that illustrate, in my view, an accommodation to my initiative; the reader is invited to “analyze the analyst” thusly:  [1]—Opinion: DC Circuit Did NOT Boost American Confidence In Our Justice System Yesterday; [2]—Gen. Flynn Wins — For Now??; [3]—Judge Gleeson Still Moves Pieces On The Chess Board AFTER Appeals Court Vacates His Appointment as Amicus; and [4]—Judge Sullivan’s Resistance Theater Comes to a Pathetic End, Ordered to Dismiss Flynn Charges.

Note the limited coverage of the other major event [after having finally been declassified, Peter Strzok’s Bombshell Notes On Flynn Case Show Trump’s Impeachment Was Political Nonsense]; it’s terrible that Obama was out of line in pursuit of Flynn and that he bent the rules to get him fired. Yet, it’s not surprising that the Drive-by-Media had failed to report on the newly declassified portions of the January 5 Rice e-mail that confirmed that the targeting of Flynn was coordinated within the inner sanctum of the White House and that both Obama and Biden were deeply involved in the campaign to take down Flynn.

Ted Cruz said “ongoing spying from an outgoing POTUS on the incoming POTUS—directed by Obama himself—is unprecedented in the 243 years of our nation’s history. Susan Rice sent an email on Inauguration Day to let everyone know that everything was completely legit, and that Obama definitely did not order the Code Red.

Even before release of FBI documents that put Obama in the ObamaGate narrative, Andrew McCarthy said that the issue has never been whether Obama knew — of course he knew. The issue is what exactly was it that he knew about. That is, was this a good faith investigation based on real evidence that Trump’s campaign was conspiring with the Kremlin, or was it partisan political spying and sabotage carried out under the guise of counterintelligence?

I feel that the latest disclosure supports the latter viewpoint (particularly when Obama verbalized intent to ensure the “right” people were pursuing Flynn AND to withhold information about this gambit from the Transition Teams);  Dems will gaslight the public by focusing on the most feverish accusations against Obama, despite the fact that there already is more compelling evidence that Obama engaged in misconduct (that Republicans never did) when he opened the Russian-collusion investigation.

Remember, the Obama Administration told reporters that Gen. Flynn was innocent and that they would help the Trump Transition Team — WHILE THEY WERE SPYING ON THEM, a ploy that allegedly was spun to place Flynn at-ease when the Perjury Trap was sprung; indeed, on January 13, 2017, Former Deputy Spokesperson for the State Department under Barack Obama, Mark Toner, told reporters the Obama administration did not see anything inappropriate about contact between members of this administration and foreign officials.

Mark Toner told reporters the Obama administration would not only HELP the transition team reach out to foreign officials should they ask, but that they saw no problem with General Flynn speaking to any foreign official – including Russian Ambassador Kislyak; this, of course, was counter to how Biden had raised the possibility of charging Flynn with having violated the Logan Act, only one week prior.


This supports the prediction that Durham will soon issue indictments, per AG-Barr, by Summer’s end; indeed, sources close to Durham say criminal actions laid out in recent DoJ documents suffice to charge Obama’s Deep State officials.

I feel the “imminent” Durham Report will skewer any effort to involve Moochelle in a national ticket, assuming it (properly) includes her husband’s deep involvement in what Trump views as “far worse than Watergate”; Trump, the multitasker, was assaulted by a sequence of profound, protracted, pervasive plots.

Although I thought I had read everything pivotal on this topic during the past few years (and had conveyed key hyperlinks in the process), Dan Bongino’s discussion of his new book yielded BOTH pivotal inside info regarding the scandal’s origins AND how the co-conspirators had had multiple prior interactions (with the only “hero” being Former NSA Director Mike Rogers); as a result, the reader is invited to discover why I learned 80% NEW info (here, here, and here).


Reportedly, Trump has noted evidence of how Durham is tooling-up (having subpoenaed and questioned witnesses before a D.C. Grand Jury and having staffed-up); because of the “unwritten rule” that politically-tinged cases not be filed 60-90 days pre-election, Durham will most likely file charges before August 1.

I think the delay can be diagnosed, for Deep State Actions in Italy are the focus of Durham’s investigation as Obama’s Italian ambassador emerged on the list of Flynn unmaskers; because Sen. Grassley noticed that all DoJ/Flynn docs were stamped with “SCO” [“Special Counsel’s Office], it’s possible that an “investigation of the investigators” will document all the information Mueller’s team CONSCIOUSLY ignored, perhaps indictable mis-/mal-/nonfeasance.

Others have suggested that Durham Is Focused on the Flynn Case, disturbed that no FBI/DoJ whistleblowers came forward; and Rep. Jim Jordan perceives the Comey Cabal to be the “Common Denominator” through the entire narrative and that  the FBI’s “insurance policy” was created to stop Trump from winning (and, after the election, to stop America from knowing the truth).

Yet, Durham’s delay risks allowing media to frame charges as a “‘Trump campaign stunt” manifest by AG-Barr; reinforcing concern, only a few weeks ago, John Brennan said he “welcomed speaking with Durham Investigators,” suggesting he had yet to be interviewed (let alone subject to any leverage).

Roger Simon feels Trump and the GOP will ultimately prevail because the Durham and ongoing Congressional Hearings will become Dems’ worst nightmare, helping to prompt independent voters to recognize that Dems are causing America’s nervous breakdown; it is a bit amusing that Actor Paul Giamatti said Durham inspired his “Billions” TV Show Character.


It is desirable to close with a bit more info about Ric Grenell, who had functioned as acting-head of the DNI, if only to illustrate why The Donald asked him to serve in this capacity temporarily; I vividly recall when I learned of his 2012 resignation as a spokesman for Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s campaign due to pressure from social conservative groups who were critical of the campaign’s employment of an openly gay man.

He dropped off of my “radar” until Trump appointed him to be the American Ambassador to Germany, where he dunked on a German politician when he announced his departure, for it surely wasn’t “in Shame”; in the interim, Rep Paul Gosar volunteered to “translate” for a German Diplomat who couldn’t appreciate why Grenell was annoyed Germany had shirked on past/present NATO Dues.

While serving as acting-DNI chief, he declassified documents [1]—that showed how intelligence had been manipulated by Obama Officials, as concerns about Trump-Russia investigation were being concealed; [2]—that included Flynn-related documents and transcripts; [3]—that shattered Schiff collusion claims [by unmasking the unmaskers], while ignoring Schiff’s demand to oversight personnel changes; [4]—that forced Schiff to release Hidden Transcripts (“or I Will Do It for You”);  [5]—that unmasked Samantha Power who had continued peddling Russia Conspiracy Theories after a senior DoJ Official had said (INCORRECTLY) Justice Dept. did not intend to release the unmasking list he had delivered to the DoJ; [6]—that included a List of Obama Officials who had been involved in the last-minute Flynn “unmasking,” prompting Lindsay Graham to ask him (and Barr) to reveal other “unmasked” Trump Officials; and [7]—that proved a top Senate Intel Democrat had been “cherry-picking” regarding Flynn transparency.

He also:  [1]—ripped Obama for unprecedented spying and sabotage of the incoming Trump Administration; [2]—slammed John Bolton for being a “Creature of Washington”; [3]—unnerved CNN’s Erin Burnett so much that she tried to escape by lying; and [4]—withstood Swalwell’s effort to discredit him, prompting Swalwell to apologize over claiming Grenell is Goebbels with a Twitter account.

After he completed his D.C. stint, Grenell said he was going to step down as Ambassador To Germany as he eviscerated the Fake News claim about what his next position will be; predictably, his appointment to Carnegie-Mellon was opposed by 200 faculty after he joined the Trump campaign.

To Grenell, politics is no longer a fight between Republicans and Democrats; he framed it as a “fight between Washington and the rest of America.

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