Electing ANY Democrat-POTUS WILL Destroy America – Part VII: Trump/Statues/Jews

Prior reviews of the impact of Antifa and Black Lives Matter upon statues (here and here), the media, and Google; they have demonstrated that the campus war on free speech has spread to US newsrooms.

Because of the chaotic political and media response to the Floyd murder, the woke elite has been empowered; meanwhile, instead of enforcing strict silence, progressives aim to craft a public square in which everyone is obliged to echo their views.

Through it all, it’s vital to recognize that everything that’s transpiring is intended to unseat Trump, whose watchword (instilled via Steven K. Bannon) is Andrew Breitbart’s Admonition: “Politics is Downstream from Culture”; he will need a second term to expunge the Deep State from ALL facets of D.C. governance.


Before delving further into the “cancellation culture,” it is VITAL to refer to two carefully curated documents [written in 2017 and in 2020], which should be read in their entirety; prior circulation to a buncha friends yielded both confirmation of their importance and the following e-mail exchange with a skeptic regarding Walsh’s prescription:

Regarding the 2020 piece, A friend recognized Walsh’s analysis had tied lotsa loose ends well, but his remedies were perceived as potentially problematic; regarding the first, he concurred that Trump should [1]—contain the insurrections and offer assistance to local and state officials who are receptive to prevent them from spreading to other locales; and [2]—draw attention to Dem officials who prevent restoration of law and order.

{BTW, Frank Luntz said, yesterday, on FNC-Business, that Trump should supplant the term “Silent Majority” with Hillary’s derision (deplorables/irredeemables) and the phrase “law and order” with reference to “personal security.”}

My friend seemed convinced by  arguments suggesting Trump shouldn’t allow himself to be trapped into dispatching troops/federalized national guard to the insurrection areas; I disagreed because, under the auspices of Seattle’s CHOP, there has been a and a second shooting AND the merchants are being robbed, so he must simply remove the border barriers, relocating them to San Diego.

My friend also argued that “regaining control of the blue states” may “have to wait until a second term, [for] I haven’t a clue what Walsh would advise that could work in the next few months”; I disagreed, because he’s targeting urban Blacks (the electoral foundation upon which Dems depend), as evidenced by the Tulsa speech’s focus on safety/school-choice/healthcare.

Regarding the third remedy, we agreed that, “The media/social media ability to control images and communications is a huge challenge to the use of military/police force for either of the above; I still feel The Donald can meet that challenge, having witnessed lawlessness that the Mayor/Governor stomach.

My (childhood) friend then suggested that it’s “hard to see Trump credibly confronting the courts before gaining a Republican Congress (a big ‘if’) that’s willing to take on the courts (a bigger ‘if’) in a Trump second term (a third and critical ‘if’)”; I again disagreed, for he will have appointed 300/~650 federal judges [and 75/75 in appellate positions], so he can still accomplish a lot as long as the Senate remains GOP.

Regarding the 2017 piece, both friends grew to recognize how seeds of Trump’s “personnel is policy” conundrum (albeit evolving favorably, finally) were planted early in his administration; this piece “connects the dots; the Higgins memo has repeatedly been validated, often in ways its author couldn’t have predicted with specificity (suggesting it would be advisable to study emanations from the Security Studies Group).


The current purge of statues was linked with the history of Jewry by James Jeremy Marlow when he updated his “Villains of Jewish History” piece following “several hours of my own painstaking research”; from Notre Dame to Prague, he demonstrated that Europe’s anti-Semitism has been literally carved in stone. {Pictured on the Facebook piece are Bogdan Chmielnicki in Kiev, Ukraine (on left) and Tomb of Karl Marx at Highgate Cemetery, London (on right).}

This is a bit lengthy, but it packs a unique/relevant wallop:

As the debate on racist memorials, monuments and all sorts of statutes, continue, there are so many more names that come to mind. The English playwright’s, William Shakespeare 1564-1616 and Christopher Marlowe (no relation) 1564-1593, were reported to have been anti-Semitic, and not just based on their poems. Let’s remove their books.

Henry Ford 1863-1947, Walt Disney 1901-1966, and Bing Crosby 1926-1977 are remembered as great achievers, but many have testified over the years, they were anti-Semitic. Sling the motors cars, movies and music into the river.

How about the monument of Bogdan Chmielnicki, which stands proudly in Kiev, Ukraine. For those who don’t know, in the years 1648 and 1649, Chmielnicki led the Russian Cossacks in an attack that led to the murder of 300,000 Jews. His monument has to go.

In Cumbria, the statue of King Edward I stands tall. But he expelled the Jews from England in 1290. His statue must come down.

Outside of the Houses of Parliament in Westminster is Richard the Lionheart. When the time came for the coronation of King Richard, it was bad news for the Jews of England, who were barred from the ceremony. The Jews of London were then plundered and murdered, while their houses were burned down. Attacks on Jews then spread to other English cities. This nasty pogrom sparked by the coronation means that this famous statue should be rolled into the Thames.

William the Conqueror and his apartheid regime banned Jews from owning land. His statue is in Northern France. Who wants to topple that one?

There are images of King Henry III all over London and England, including outside Kings College. King Henry passed the 1253 Statute of Jewry Act, in response to the growing anti-Semitic feeling, which banned construction of synagogues and forced Jews to wear a badge. How can we expect Jewish students to walk under such a figure at KCL?

Did you know that St Aldates and Christ Church in Oxford are built on the ruins of the old Jewish quarter? Perhaps we should rename these streets, “Jewry Place.”

Karl Marx wrote about the Jewish vermin and described Jews as money grabbers and that the world would never be at peace until this “ill” was dwelt with. His statue is in Highgate, London.

The Emperor Hadrian of the Roman army has a bronze head in many cities across Europe, but he tortured and killed thousands of Jews. All of his heads should be sprayed with red paint and the Hadrian wall needs to fall.

As for Clement Attlee’s Imperialist Government, they stopped many boats full of Holocaust refugees from reaching Jewish Palestine. I know he introduced the NHS into Britain, but still, he denied a nation returning to its land.

In Spain, the murderous King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella have statues proudly on display in Andalusia, Southern Spain. The pair of them massacred and tortured so many Jews in the late 1400s, until the final expulsion of 1492. An estimated one million Jewish people died during these times and some whilst travelling, mostly barefoot to other countries. Either way, we must remove those statutes.

Karl Lueger was the anti-Semitic Mayor of Vienna and despite having a statue in the city, his picture is on the wall of some cafes and restaurants in the city. We have to boycott those eating establishments.

King Louis IX of France burned 24 wagonloads of Jewish manuscripts in Paris, including all known copies of the Talmud and other priceless Jewish commentaries. His statue is in the American State of Missouri, but should really be thrown into the ocean.

What about the tunes of the anti-Semitic Richard Wagner and his statue that sits proudly today in Berlin? Wagner was one of Hitler’s favorite artists. How do you think Jews feel about this?

Martin Luther called Jews “a base whoring people,” “a den of devils,” “nothing but thieves and robbers who daily eat no morsel and wear no thread of clothing which they have not stolen and pilfered from us, by means of their accursed usury.”

I am not going to go through the list of the many anti-Semitic Pope’s throughout history, because that will bore you. But until fairly recently, the Vatican had absolutely no respect for any Jewish clergy or Jews in general and still today, insist on keeping their WWII history locked away in a vault.

So when you ask me how I would feel, if a statue of Hitler was on display, I say, there are enough statues and monuments across the west that represent mass Jewish oppression, persecution and ethnic cleaning.

And as a practicing Jew, if we were to take down all of these symbols of discrimination and genocide, not a stone, monument or flag would remain anywhere in the West or even in the Islamic countries.

Sadly we have to accept that human history is full of brutality and exploitation. But if we wish to move forward and make progress, we have to remember the past and not pretend it never existed.

Megyn Kelly:  “A society in which only pre-approved speech can be uttered is unhealthy. It’s a tyranny, rancid and terror-filled.”

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