Electing ANY Democrat-POTUS WILL Destroy America – Part VIII: Canceling Abounds

“The Morning Report 6/22/2020” again provides a comprehensive review of key stories, reminiscent of last week’s selections; note colorful commentaries c/o “Ace.”


In America’s Totalitarian Moment, the Dems’ New World Order may seem to be an insane cultural revolution replete with virtue signals, but that’s why Americans must oppose the Left’s power grab; it is unnerving that “Twitter Robespierres” move from discipline to discipline, torching past/present reputations and jobs with breathtaking casualness.

To be explored soon are compilations of Caucasians and CEOs/leaders who have lost their jobs following the onset of BLM protests; it’s unclear why any should have been forced to resign for comments uttered after George Floyd’s death.

For now, know that the cancel culture has even impacted the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations for, at a time of racial strife, liberal groups claim there is no room at the communal table for the Zionist Organization of America (which has exposed flawed policies of BLM and HIAS); I have written of how the Conference of Presidents does not reflect the strong Zionism manifest in U.S. Jewry.

All of these machinations have been launched to disrupt President Trump’s re-election, for he has uniquely kept his promises, prioritizing national security through implementation of his MAGA/KAG “positive populism” agenda; although I feel he has failed to recognize Kurdistan, he has otherwise tacked consistently to quality policies (recalling the euphemism that he should be taken seriously and symbolically, but not literally).

This has prompted the discredited Dems/Media to continue to harangue him unjustifiably regarding every possible issue (Russia, Racism, Recession), even as his popularity had proven resilient (until recently) despite the multiplicative impact of the pandemic and protests/riots (as it had paralleled that of Obama at this point in his Presidency, eight years ago); the “Resistance” has been amplified by “The Masters of the Universe” (the characterization of Tech firms coined by Breitbart News) who uniquely censor him and his supporters.

As a result, Trump has had to deconstruct the Deep State (and its tentacles) by blocking the elite from dictating what is and isn’t permissible to see and hear; if unchecked, he and his supporters feel there will be no bottom, for the list of potentially problematic statues, books, art, and movies is massive.


This defect of “Fake News” peddlers has been compounded by how no one challenges Joe Biden when he attempts to perpetuate the Charlottesville “Fine People Hoax” (when he falsely claims Trump hadn’t condemned the murder of Heather Heyer); in fact, Biden calling Confederate flag wavers “Very Fine People” has left him in an awkward position, were he ever to hold a news conference.

The Dem-party hypocrisy was compounded when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) ordered the removal of portraits of House speakers who had served in the Confederacy, she announced (ignoring their obvious contributions to the U.S. of A.):  “There is no room…for memorializing men who embody the violent bigotry and grotesque racism of the Confederacy.”

[BTW, it has been suggested that the Senate Office Building named after a racist (Georgia’s Senator Richard Russell) should be renamed to honor the first Black U.S. senator (Missouri’s Senator Hiram Revels); this probably would be opposed by BLM because Russell was a Dem and Revels was an “R.”]

In any case, it is hoped that Americans will ultimately determine that they prefer Trump’s daily direct communication of a fusion of enlightenment and entertainment (quoting Glenn Beck’s catchphrase), allowing recognition of the capacity of his considered actions to “trump” personalized reactions to his antics; in my view, his mien carries both a magical hue and a mystical quality that “Sleepy Joe” and the Dems can neither emulate nor supplant.


Already detailed have been the impact of Antifa and Black Lives Matter upon statues (here and here), the media, Google, and how it has affected Trump’s Presidency (from both the generic and Jewish perspectives); recall, for example, how NBC News’ “reporting” on The Federalist was unethical and morally bankrupt.

Here, after a recap of the ongoing statue-component, parallel events in the U.K. are elucidated; again exposed are the global Deep Staters who salivate for Trump’s defeat, as well as other non-elitists.

Remember how Trump was mocked for predicting Woke Taliban wouldn’t stop at Confederate statues; he was among the Conservatives who foresaw the statues coming down, perhaps a manifestation of the desire of Dems/Libs to erase memory of why the War Between the States remains the bloodiest in American history, as roughly 365,000 Republicans died to end slavery and 290,000 Dems died to keep it.

This may be viewed as a simplistic summary of the “Civil War” era, but Dems’ ongoing efforts to perpetuate prejudice (such as through the KKK) contrasts with how the GOP incessantly tried to achieve reconciliation [see Michael Zak’s book, Back to Basics for the Republican Party].

In any case, some feel statue-topplers are obsessed with white men and white history, explaining perhaps why Nikole Hannah-Jones endorses both toppling statues and riots as a byproduct of her admittedly flawed 1619 Project; this recalls how the late Bre Payton had written of an earlier—far less successful iconoclastic moment—when eyes were set on Mt. Rushmore.

Conservative cowards are to blame for falling statues; one of them is Rich Lowry who feels conservatives should take no interest in the fate of monuments to the Confederacy because it was a wicked cause led by traitors to their nation.

Lowry probably doesn’t care about the following litany of targeted statues:  [1]—List of Confederate monuments and memorials; [2]—List of monument and memorial controversies; [3]—8 Racist Monuments That Still Exist In America; [4]—Calls To Take Down Emancipation Memorial Ignore Its Great Historical Weight; [5]—in Belgium, a Migrant Mayor Demands Belgians Remove Statues of Former King; [6]—Stone Mountain, the largest bas-relief on the planet; and [7]—Mayor De Blasio and his Wife are Working to Remove Thomas Jefferson From City Hall

Lowry also probably doesn’t care about these recently/imminently destroyed statues:  [1]—in Portland, rioters tore down a George Washington statue draped with burning American flag; [2]—Protester was Shot In New Mexico Leads to Charges and It Shows the Double Standard On “Agitation”; [3]—Dartmouth College to Remove Weather Vane With Image of Native American; [4]—Radical Leftists attacked the Statue of Miguel de Cervantes, Iconic Writer Who Was a Slave (upsetting Spain); [5]—After Protestors Topple Two Statues in North Carolina, the Governor Orders Others Removed for “Public Safety”; [6]—Statues of Ulysses S. Grant AND Francis Scott Key toppled by protesters; and [7]—Teddy Roosevelt Statue to be Removed from Museum of Natural History.

Recalling the prior extensive discussion of anti-Semitism in this regard, know that New York City has statues of its anti-Semitic Dutch Governor Peter Stuyvesant, and that some would argue 10 Public Figures not known to be anti-Semites (along with 15 Famous Anti-Semites) should also be targeted; yet, there has been no Jewish response to monuments of Anti-Semites (including 5 Statues of rabid anti-Semites that remain standing).


In the U.K., Melanie Philips has detected unmistakable echoes in this culture war against western society, as Britain wobbles over defending its historical memory against those intent upon destroying it; faced with an insurrection, British police officers—now spineless British lions—have been sinking to the ground in abject surrender.

They represent those in British society who are “taking a knee” to the destroyers of worlds, dangerously polarized polarized at this most perilous moment over the poisonous smear of institutional racism and “white privilege”; in the determination to smear the whole of western society as racist, even black or brown-skinned Israelis are denounced as “white imperialists.”

Now that crazed academic orthodoxies have turned “whiteness” from a pigment into an ideology, rioters have gone amok (e.g., the alleged London Cenotaph vandal was arrested) and PM Johnson was compelled to defend Churchill (while criticizing the “distortion of our history”); amazingly, singing the Rugby fan song “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” is supported by Boris Johnson, while being necessarily reviewed by Prince Harry due to its slavery roots.


Noting the obeisance of the British policeman, I have a problem with “pick a knee” because I did not kill George Floyd; in response to this phenomenon, Pamela Geller facetiously wrote, “I demand that Black people kneel down and ask for my forgiveness, assuming we deal with collective guilt.”

Regardless of the origin of “taking a knee,” patriots feel Americans don’t kneel because we must remain

courageous and stand firm; the Olympia, WA Mayor learned that kneeling with protesters is never enough, for attacks inevitably turn Is not enough as attacks turn personal.

A Black State Trooper refuses to Kneel while saying “I Only Take a Knee Before God” as BLM protestors screamed at him, as an NYPD Lieutenant apologized for taking a knee to protesters; this new cult is now manifest when Police Officers and White protesters wash the feet of Black protest organizers and beg for forgiveness.

Paradoxically, people are held responsible for things that happened before they were born, while other people are not held responsible for what they themselves are doing today.

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Robert B. Sklaroff MD is a physician-activist who is a radical, liberal, moderate, conservative, reactionary [depending upon the topic] who has developed many political stances that scrupulously attempt to identify the "nut" of "hot" issues; although predictions are notoriously deficient [as assiduously chronicled by my son], my insights are durable. I have also written about medical politics [particularly Vaping and ObamaDon'tCare] and have attempted to articulate the action-item [that I have often pursued absent support]. Aggressively followed is the discipline of capturing and then addressing all reputable perspectives; the reader is thereby maximally "armed" to critique the output.
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